"It's not just an accessory, it's a necessity"

STOP pinning your circular saw’s guard up to make those hard cuts. The Saw Guard Dog is a revolutionary device which allows you to legally lift your guard at any time with just the push of a button. It connects directly to the top of your saw, and the sleek design allows your thumb to naturally press the button in to lift the guard, and automatically release to drop the guard as soon as the cut is done, again concealing the dangerous blade. Pinning the guard up with a piece of wood or a nail is against OSHA’s rules and can resort in a large fine, or major bodily damage. The Saw Guard Dog complies with OSHA’s rules and fits the job even better, allowing the guard to only be lifted when absolutely necessary to see and make the cut.

The Saw Guard Dog helps to eliminate the danger that every worker faces when forced to pin the guard up to get the hard angles and see the exact cut. The compact model is extremely easy to attach with just a few screws, and is an absolute necessity for any worker using a circular saw. The Saw Guard Dog currently fits the Skilsaw® 77, Skilsaw® Mag 77, Bosch® 1677MD, and Craftsman® 2761.

Below is an example of an illegally pinned up guard on the left vs. the Saw Guard Dog on the right. Notice the guard is only up during the actual cut.
Without the Saw Guard Dog, your saw is INCOMPLETE. Learn more about how it transforms your saw by watching the video below:
Reduce Accident Risk
The Saw Guard Dog greatly increases your safety while operating a saw. Watch the video, see how it operates, and how it eliminates the need to use one hand to lift the guard up to see the line you're cutting. With both hands on the saw handles, the risk of getting injured by the blade is greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated.

Over 10,000 circular saw related injuries end up in the emergency room each year. DON'T BE THE NEXT VICTIM.

Both Hands on the Saw
The Saw Guard Dog is so easy to use you'll be amazed! Simply keep either your right or left thumb on the black button and push in when you need to lift the guard. As soon as the cut is complete, release and let the guard quickly snap shut to conceal the dangerous blade and minimize your chance of bodily harm. The Saw Guard Dog keeps both of your hands on the saw at all times. Stay focused on your job and stop worrying about your hand being directly next to the spinning blade. Without the Saw Guard Dog, you have to handle the guard manually, or trust the flimsy piece of wood or nail wedging it up.
Seeing the Cut
Do your job BETTER with the Saw Guard Dog. Whether you've been pinning your guard up for years or not you'll still find benefits when using the Saw Guard Dog. Being able to conveniently lift the guard allows you to get a closer look at the cut and be more precise, creating a cleaner and sharper product. Starting the cut is much easier with both hands on the saw, allowing you to focus on exactly the cut you want to make and not worry about positioning the saw so the guard won't clip on the surface. Over 10,000 circular saw related injuries occur per year--don't be the next, use the Saw Guard Dog.
Comfortable Design
Unlike other bulky products meant to improve saw usage, the Saw Guard Dog belongs on the saw. It weighs less than 3 oz., making it add almost no weight or bulkiness to the saw. The device doesn't stick out on either side of the saw or past the handle, so it doesn't get in the way of your cuts. Installation is easy and only requires unscrewing a couple screws on your saw and then screwing them back with the Saw Guard Dog installed. Once you put it on your saw, you'll wonder what your saw used to look like without it.
Get your Saw Guard Dog today and transform your saw so you never have to pin your guard up again!