About Us

New Tools Inc. was created by construction tradesmen for the purpose of showcasing and marketing a newly designed circular saw tool accessory that safely eliminates the very dangerous practice of pinning up a saw's guard to make industrially common cuts. Our group is made up of dedicated builders, carpenters, masons, concrete-men, and roofers whose founding principle is that workers should not have to jeopardize safety in order to do their job while earning a living. Over the years, each of us have had the experience of either having to pin the guard up on a circular saw, or using someone else's saw that had its guard pinned up to make cuts that would've been difficult or otherwise impossible. Pinning up the lower guard fully exposes the blade, which is why it is done. Our goal is to provide better and safer ways for tradesmen and DIY'ers to perform any and every type of saw cut they need to do without getting hurt. With construction heating up and projects rapidly expanding more hirees, skilled and unskilled, will be needed and using electric saws while performing a variety of jobs. Many of the new inductees into the world of construction will enter the workforce with little or no training and will learn their trades only by watching and doing. This is why we need to introduce The Saw Guard Dog now--it will aid the experienced and novices alike by making their saws easier and much safer to use, thus reducing the risk of bad practices becoming bad habits resulting in unnecessary bodily injuries.