Are there other SAW GUARD DOG models in the works?

Yes, we are currently designing models for Dewalt®, Makita®, and Milwaukee® worm drive saws and expect to offer them to the public in the Fall 2016.

Can I become a distributor for the SAW GUARD DOG products in my state?

Yes, we have been asked that question many times and are currently working out the details, when available the information for distributorships can be found at
If you are interested, please consider contacting us using the contact form here, to pre-reserve your area.

Can I lock my saw guard up using the SAW GUARD DOG?

No, It is not designed to lock the saw guard up.

Can I override the SAW GUARD DOG unit and lock my saw guard up?

Yes, this is possible. However, locking the guard up and defying the SGD device is a $10,000 fine by OSHA if caught.

Does the SAW GUARD DOG fit all saws?

No, currently it fits Skilsaw® 77, Skilsaw® Mag 77, Bosch® 1677MD, and Craftsman® 2761.

I have a Big Foot beam saw do you have a SAW GUARD DOG unit for it?

Yes we do, we’ll be introducing a SAW GUARD DOG model for the Big Foot in 2016.

If I have my work crews install SAW GUARD DOG units on their saws will my workers compensation or liability insurance go down?

This is up to your insurance provider.  Currently, we have no reports one way or the other.

Is the SAW GUARD DOG OSHA approved?

OSHA does not approve any product for use, instead they supply standards and guidelines for products to meet, and yes SAW GUARD DOG does meet OSHA’s requirements.