The SAW GUARD DOG is the most reliable way for making special cuts without needing a third hand to hold the material in place or for holding the saw guard open to do it with. It allows the user to eliminate the unsafe practices of pinning up the saw guard with an object or lifting it with their fingers in an unsafe way for reasons like seeing a line or for making special plunge type cuts.
The SAW GUARD DOG will work with either hand, by pushing  a thumb button driver forward, this in turn deploys a guard lifting mechanism that raises the guard as needed all the while keeping both hands safely away from the saw blade while holding onto the handles on the saw.
It’s only necessary to push on the button driver long enough to raise the guard up to start the cut after which the button driver is released and the cut is completed as usual upon which the saw guard blade protector will close automatically just as designed.
The SAW GUARD DOG comes fully assembled and installation takes about two minutes to attach it to a saw. This is accomplished by removing three of the saws existing bolts and reusing them to reattach the SAW GUARD DOG unit onto the saw.