I’ve been a pool contractor in Southern California for over 30 years, recognizing the uniqueness
of the Saw Guard Dog the moment I saw it, I bought 4 of them so I could give them to the other
contractors that work on my jobs, the guys later on told me they were cool so I went back
bought more. Thanks Saw Guard Dog
~Mike Drown

I’m a masonry contractor and the first time I saw the Saw Guard Dog in action was when I was
hired by a general contractor that was building above PCH. When I commented on it he said try
it moments later I was shocked at how well it worked and realized I’d never seen anything like it
before. I ended up buying 15 of them online and giving them to my workers and friends as
christmas stocking stuffers, they loved them.
~Mark P

I’m the kind of guy that’s always building something in my Garage I’m also the same guy that
has almost every tool a DIYer needs or wants. I have to say I delighted and surprised when I
was given the Saw Guard Dog as a gift from my wife this is because I usually get things I
already have. I just wanted to say it’s of my opinion that if you work with a saw you should have
the Saw Guard Dog it’s going to turn your saw into a 21 first century tool.
~Darren Ruble

After using the Saw Guard Dog for a month now I’m blown away how much better I can see my
work and make cuts that were nearly impossible to do safely before. Now there’s no more near
missed starts or fingers to close to the blade my work looks better and I feel safer for not pinner
up the saw guard. Thanks!
~Jordan Bryant